2016 Dorset Championships

September 2016

2016-adc-lambplan-ram-178-15Bill took a small team of 5 rams over to the Australasian Dorset Championships in Bendigo.

We were very pleased to receive 3 ribbons including 2 in the Lambplan Performance Class. Bill was one of the founding members of Lambplan back in the 1980s and it has definitely become a major part of our breeding program.

2nd Prize winner (pictured here with Angela) Newbold 178/15 is an outstanding ram, sired by $31k Meat Elite ram Hillcroft Farms 497/13. Semen packages for this ram are available. Contact Bill for more details.

We also had success in the Dorset Championships Sale - selling rams Newbold 121/15 and Newbold 648/15 to two different Victorian studs.

We are proud to be producing rams and ewes that perform well in the show ring as well as in the paddock.

2016 Adelaide Show

September 2016

newbold_dsc_8366_dWe once again enjoyed our time at the Adelaide Show. We were very excited to take out another interbreed Lamb Production ribbon winning 1st Interbreed Lamb Production Pair - Trade with our White Suffolk pair (One of the rams - 63/15 - will be offered at our on-property sale on Thursday 22nd September 2016). 

Other ribbons included:

  • 1st White Suffolk Lamb Production Pair - Trade
  • 3rd White Suffolk Lamb Production Pair - Export (Lots 93 & 94 in the on-property sale)
  • 3rd Poll Dorset Lamb Production Pair - Export - Newbold 116-15 is Lot 1 at our on-property sale)
  • 3rd Poll Dorset Pair Rams - also including N116-15, Lot 1 at our sale.
  • Sires Progeny Group 5th
  • Breeders Group 5th
  • Lambplan Ram, Commended - Newbold 178/15 - semen available from this ram.
  • Lamb Sires Progeny Pair 3rd (sired by 127/13)
  • Ewe Lamb - May drop 2nd
  • Ewe Lamb - April drop 3rd
  • Ram Lamb - May Drop 2nd (45/16) 

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2015 Adelaide Show Interbreed Maternal Group Newbold

Adelaide Show 2015

September 2015

Newbold enjoyed an outstanding showing at the 2015 Royal Adelaide Show bringing home 16 breed ribbons and 2 interbreed ribbons as well as the Most Successful Poll Dorset Exhibitor.

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2015 Gawler Show

August 2015

A great day out at the 2015 Gawler Show.

We took a team of Poll Dorsets, White Suffolks and Texels and were rewarded with Most Successful Exhibitor in all 3 breeds.

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2015 Newbold Poll Dorset Champions Tanunda Show

2015 Autumn Show Results

March 2015

Bill, Craig and Kate attended the 2015 Tanunda and Mt. Pleasant shows in March with great success.Newbold Poll Dorset 621/14

Newbold Poll Dorset ram 621/14 was awarded Champion Poll Dorset ram at both shows as well as bringing home the Supreme Champion ribbon from the Tanunda Show.

Newbold 621/14 (pictured right and above with Craig and judge Lachlan Hart, Glen Devon Stud) is a stand out in our 2014 drop rams. He is sired by exciting carcase sire, Ashbank

325/12. He has an outstanding hindquarter.

Newbold was also awarded Champion Poll Dorset Ewe.

Newbold 94/13

Australasian Dorset Championships 2014

September 2014

The 7th Annual Australasian Dorset Championships were held in Bendigo on September 13th - 15th.

Newbold ram 94/13 placed 4th in the Lambplan Performance Ram class. He was also awarded 2nd in the Poll Dorset Lambplan Ram class at the Royal Adelaide Show.

94/13 was sold to Bramwell Heazlewood of Melton Vale, TAS.

Newbold 685/13

Adelaide Show 2014

September 2014

Newbold enjoyed a successful showing at the 2014 Royal Adelaide Show bringing home a dozen ribbons including:

  • Reserve Champion Ewe  - Newbold 685/13, sired by Newbold 255/10, a national top sire for eating quality.
  • 3 firsts including Poll Dorset Lambplan Ewe and Texel Lambplan Production Pair
  • 2 seconds including Poll Dorset Lambplan Ram (Newbold 94/13 - SOLD to Melton Vale, TAS) and Poll Dorset Lambplan Production Pair - Trade.
  • 3 thirds including Interbreed Terminal Lamb Production Class
  • 5 fourths

It was wonderful to celebrate 60 years since the formation of the Australian Poll Dorset Association with Poll Dorset being the feature breed at this year's Adelaide Show. We are sure that W.J. Dawkins would be very proud of the progress that has been made since over the last 60 years.

Complete Adelaide Show results can be viewed here.

Newbold Gawler Show Champion Poll Dorset Ewe

Gawler Show 2014

August 2014

Newbold Studs enjoyed a successful day at the 2014 Gawler Show.

  • Champion Poll Dorset Ewe
  • Champion Texel Ram & Champion Texel Ewe
  • Champion White Suffolk Ram & Champion White Suffolk Ewe.

White Suffolk Ewe went on to win Supreme Champion Ewe.

Adelaide Show Magazine excerpt

Adelaide Show Magazine

August 2014

Newbold Studs have been featured in the 2014 Adelaide Show Magazine.

The Poll Dorset is the Feature Breed at the 2014 Royal Adelaide Show and as the birthplace of the Poll Dorset breed, we were selected to feature in an article about our involvement in the breed.

You can read the full article here.

Australia's Best Lamb Gold Medal

Newbold Lamb wins Gold!

July 2014

Newbold Poll Dorset lamb wins GOLD in Australia's Best Lamb competition, presented at the LambEx Grandslamb Gala Dinner.

LambEx launched a national search for the most tender, flavoursome and juiciest lamb in Australia. Australia’s Best Lamb Competition was open to lamb producers, processors, wholesalers, and retailers. Entries were in six categories – three weight classes (18-22kg, 22-26kg and 26+kg) from grain-fed or grass-fed systems. Lambex received 66 entries in total.

Australia's Best Lamb Gold Medal2014 Australia’s Best Lamb Gold Medal Winner & Finalist in Grand Champion Judging

Class 4
Grass Fed


Australia's Best Lamb Bronze Medal2014 Australia’s Best Lamb Bronze Medal Winner

Class 2
Grass Fed


More about Australia's Best Lamb Competition. (PDF 618kb - opens in new window)