2016 Adelaide Show

September 2016

newbold_dsc_8366_dWe once again enjoyed our time at the Adelaide Show. We were very excited to take out another interbreed Lamb Production ribbon winning 1st Interbreed Lamb Production Pair - Trade with our White Suffolk pair (One of the rams - 63/15 - will be offered at our on-property sale on Thursday 22nd September 2016). 

Other ribbons included:

  • 1st White Suffolk Lamb Production Pair - Trade
  • 3rd White Suffolk Lamb Production Pair - Export (Lots 93 & 94 in the on-property sale)
  • 3rd Poll Dorset Lamb Production Pair - Export - Newbold 116-15 is Lot 1 at our on-property sale)
  • 3rd Poll Dorset Pair Rams - also including N116-15, Lot 1 at our sale.
  • Sires Progeny Group 5th
  • Breeders Group 5th
  • Lambplan Ram, Commended - Newbold 178/15 - semen available from this ram.
  • Lamb Sires Progeny Pair 3rd (sired by 127/13)
  • Ewe Lamb - May drop 2nd
  • Ewe Lamb - April drop 3rd
  • Ram Lamb - May Drop 2nd (45/16) 

Bill has long believed in the benefits of showing sheep, with the show ring providing a good benchmarking reference for structural qualities and breed excellence. 

We are proud to be producing rams and ewes that perform well in the show ring as well as in the paddock.

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