2016 Dorset Championships

September 2016

2016-adc-lambplan-ram-178-15Bill took a small team of 5 rams over to the Australasian Dorset Championships in Bendigo.

We were very pleased to receive 3 ribbons including 2 in the Lambplan Performance Class. Bill was one of the founding members of Lambplan back in the 1980s and it has definitely become a major part of our breeding program.

2nd Prize winner (pictured here with Angela) Newbold 178/15 is an outstanding ram, sired by $31k Meat Elite ram Hillcroft Farms 497/13. Semen packages for this ram are available. Contact Bill for more details.

We also had success in the Dorset Championships Sale - selling rams Newbold 121/15 and Newbold 648/15 to two different Victorian studs.

We are proud to be producing rams and ewes that perform well in the show ring as well as in the paddock.

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