2015 Adelaide Show Interbreed Maternal Group Newbold

Adelaide Show 2015

September 2015

Newbold enjoyed an outstanding showing at the 2015 Royal Adelaide Show bringing home 16 breed ribbons and 2 interbreed ribbons as well as the Most Successful Poll Dorset Exhibitor.

Ribbons included:

  • 1st Interbreed Lamb Production Terminal Breeds (Maternal Competition)
  • 2nd Interbreed Lamb Production Pair - Export - Rams Newbold 108-14 (for sale on-property sale) and Newbold 564-14 (for sale Bendigo Dorset Championships)
  • Poll Dorset Champion Ewe - 1st in Ewe under 1.5 years (April drop)
  • 6 firsts including Poll Dorset Lamb Production Pair - Export, Ewe Lamb (May drop), Ram Lamb (May drop), Breeder's Group and Sire's Progeny Pair
  • 6 seconds including Lamb Production Pair - Trade, Poll Dorset Lambplan Ram (Newbold 97/14 - SOLD to Fairview Hills SA), Lambplan Ewe, Pair of Rams (Apr-Jun drop)Sire's Progeny Group and Shorn Ram Lamb
  • 3 thirds including Shorn Ewe Lamb, Ewe under 1.5 years (July drop), Pair of ewes

Bill has long believed in the benefits of showing sheep, with the show ring providing a good benchmarking reference for structural qualities and breed excellence. 

He and family are very proud to be producing rams and ewes that perform well in the show ring as well as in the paddock.

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