About Us

We have been breeding sheep at Gawler River since 1917. Our aim has always been to produce rams and ewes that perform well in a range of environments.

We select for

  • fast growth
  • excellent muscling
  • fertility
  • easy care
  • temperament

to produce rams that sire heavy, early-maturing lambs to provide the best profit for our clients.

How do we measure our success?

  • Lambplan performance testing. Newbold rams are ranked in the top 10% of all terminal sires in Australia.
  • Feedback from our ram buyers and stock agents.
  • Show results . Newbold Poll Dorset rams won the prestigious Champion Interbreed Lamb Production Terminal award at the 2013 Royal Adelaide Show.
  • Saleyard results. The success we have with our own lambs, with many sired by Newbold rams.