White Suffolk Sires

We use a selection of sires every year to help us achieve our goal of producing Newbold rams that sire heavy, early-maturing lambs to provide the best profit for our clients.

We use a combination of homegrown Newbold rams, AI sires, purchased sires as well as young Newbold rams specially selected due to their excellent Lambplan ASBVs, breed type and structural correctness.

See below for the full list of Newbold sires for the rams we will be selling this year and next year.

Bundara Downs 168096 and Illoura 160825

2018 drop

Newbold Rams

Newbold Young Rams

103-17 (PWWT 19.0, C+ 217)

AI Ram

Anden 277-15 ($68,000 world record priced ram)

Purchased Sires

2019 drop

Newbold Rams

Newbold Young Rams

Purchased Ram