Newbold On-Property Sale

2014 On-Property Sale

September 2014

Thank you to all who attended the 70th Annual Newbold On-Property Sale on Thursday 25th September.

A great day was had by all with 113 of the 140 sheep on offer going to new homes.

It was wonderful to see Newbold rams and ewes going to our regular clients as well as several new buyers.

We wish all buyers well with their purchases and look forward to doing it all again next year!

Sale details

Newbold On-Prop Sale Lot 1 sold to Bugle Downs, Keith SA

Lot #1 181/13 bought by long time Newbold clients Tim & John Hedges, Bugle Downs, Keith SA

Newbold On-Prop Sale Lot 2 sold to Strathdownie Estate VIC

Lot #2 107/13 bought by Strathdownie Estate, Strathdownie VIC

Poll Dorsets
Rams – 74/81 – top $3600, avg. $952
Ewes – 11/14 – top $250, avg. $216

White Suffolks
24/44 – top $1100, avg. $789

1/4 - $1000

Texsets (Texel/Dorset Composite)
4/4 – top $900, avg. $859

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