Flock #2. Est. 1993

Newbold is an Australian foundation Texel flock.

High quality selection has resulted in an exceptional true-to-type Australian Texel flock.

Newbold Texel stud and flock sheep are renowned for their large size, correct conformation and muscling.


Newbold aims to produce muscular, easy care sheep. Lambplan is used as an aid to selection, the goal being to achieve moderate growth figures, negative fat and high muscle EBVs. Texels are Texels - we don't want to lose the characteristics that make them remarkable.


The many Show Champions Newbold has won. Champion Group of Carcases at the SA Prime Lamb Competition 2002.

Top price two years in a row at the Dublin SA markets with Texel X lambs.

Seeing rams breed on for other breeders.

Flock Details

The Newbold Texel flock consists of 30 ewes, selected from progeny of original embryos purchased from Australian Texel Corporation.

Newbold ewes are of outstanding quality, all coming from Danish lines they have excellent carcase conformation and great Texel type.

Texsets(Poll Dorset X Texel) are also bred. They have the growth of a Poll Dorset with the carcase of a Texel,with the added advantage of hybrid vigour. Many lamb producers find them very successful with maiden ewes.

Newbold 100/03
Nugget is an Outstanding Texel, with great early growth and hindquarter muscling. He sold for $11,000, the second highest Australian Texel price. To Tanya Hill, Tanalan, Esperence WA.