Semen Sales

Aberdeen 617-16

“Cracker” – Aberdeen 617/16

We are pleased to welcome a new Aberdeen ram to our sire team. Purchased at the 2017 Aberdeen annual sale for the sale top price $18,000, Cracker 617/16 is a beautifully balanced ram with excellent length, structural correctness and the Lambplan ASBVs to match. Sired by Aberdeen 5/15 and with Aberdeen 16/12 as his dam's sire, Cracker also offers great linkages in Lambplan.

Sire: Aberdeen Super Sire 5/15 (Lambplan ASBVs)
Dam: Aberdeen 395/15 (Lambplan ASBVs)
Sire of Dam: Aberdeen 16/12 (Lambplan ASBVs)

Lambplan ASBVs

0.45 13.0 20.0 -0.7 2.3 230 145.4

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Contact Bill to enquire - 0414 813 873 or email

Aberdeen 617-16Aberdeen 617-16Top price ram $18,000

Meat Elite Semen Sires

Semen is available for the below rams co-owned by Newbold as part of the Meat Elite group.

Interested in purchasing? Please call Bill on 0414 813 873 or alternatively you can contact the Meat Elite Semen Coordinator (Damon Coats - P/F 03 5497 8222, M 0427 972 006,

Hillcroft Farms 497-13

497-13 was purchased by the Meat Elite group for the world record-breaking $31,000 at the 2014 Perth Royal Show.

He has an excellent carcase, is structurally correct and excellent Lambplan figures - click through for pedigree and Lambplan ASBVs

Hillcroft Farms 756-13

HF756-13 was the top price ram at the Hillcroft Farms Poll Dorset Stud Dispaeral in 2014.

He is a structurally correct ram with excellent muscling and Lambplan figures - click through for pedigree and Lambplan ASBVs